The Bowl Game: An Incredible Weekend for Guys Named Tom

Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

After a disastrous story broken by Tom Pelissero detailing the dysfunction in Jacksonville, Urban Meyer went out there and took it on the chin yet again on Sunday. Anointed franchise quarterback Trevor Lawrence threw four interceptions. Meyer was a broken man postgame, conjuring up energy only in the form of rooting out and firing the leaker. Guy has a funny way of showing he's a winner. * That Kansas City offense is back and better than ever. A five-touchdown first half against the Las Vegas Raiders and a sure 50-burger if Patrick Mahomes had been allowed to keep his foot on the gas. These aren't the September Chiefs. * No one is ever prepared to dial up an NBA game and see Rodney McGruder getting heavy minutes. How about a warning next time? * That Justin Herbert throw is like if Kordell Stewart had hit Rae Carruth in stride. * Kevin Kugler calling NFL games on Fox: what took so long? * If the Seattle Seahawks win out and somehow win the Super Bowl, that's President Russell Wilson to you, pal. * Has there ever been a quieter 6-7 team than these Atlanta Falcons? * Will pause as you locate that list of quiet 6-7 teams you keep on looseleaf paper somewhere in your den ...

An incredible, dramatic race with the championship on the line. The two biggest names in the sport going head-to-head. All of it decided on the final lap. More like Formula Won. * Julius Randle's stat line from Sunday: 7 points on 1-of-7 shooting and seven turnovers. Uh-oh. * The New York Knicks have dropped six of seven. Falling apart at the seams. * Chris Wallace is leaving Fox News for CNN. What audience is that for? * Admittedly new at this, but is it at all possible F1 rules are simply made up as we go along? * You read it here first: Micah Parsons is the Defensive Player of the Year. * Bills-Bucs. Game of the Year. * Just when you thought Josh Allen was dead he does that. Even when he's six-feet under, Josh Allen has 7 inches above the ground. * Former five-star quarterback Quinn Ewers is transferring from Ohio State to Texas. This is either going to be epic or an epic fail. * Aaron Rodgers plays better with a broken toe than any fully healthy person on Earth. * Does Football ever say Good Morning back? * Saw video of the first-ever monster truck front flip. Never underestimate mankind when it has a shared goal. * There is no feeling in the world like when the SantaCon underdog parlay hits.

Tom Wambsgans finally hit his breaking point. Good for him. That was Succession's Red Wedding. * Brian Kelly sure has changed since he moved to Baton Rogue. Happens to everyone. * Baylor held the No. 6 team in college basketball to 36 points. Go ahead and slot Scott Drew's team into the Final Four. * Despite all the noise, the Brooklyn Nets are atop the East. What's the most bored and disinterested a team has ever looked will winning a title? Because that record may fall. * Cousin Greg as king of Luxembourg: seems about right. * Cleveland Browns over Baltimore Raves: not a season-saving win. Simply delaying the inevitable. * Tony Romo makes sounds as if he were constantly being squeezed by the BFG. * The Family Stone is by far the worst Christmas movie people don't realize is bad. Every person in it needs an immediate psychological intervention. * If you're not worried about Zion Williamson yet, then you're not paying attention. The weight continues.

Army-Navy: the beautiful game. Has 30 combined points ever been so exciting? * The triple-option sounds like either a burger or financial scheme one lives to regret. * The five most exciting words in sports: Fred Gaudelli in the truck * Give me Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. You can have the rest of the field. * Logan Roy isn't mad, he's just disappointed. Hang on, I take that back. He's both very mad and extremely disappointed. * Tom Izzo has a classic Tom Izzo team and it's only December. * Once you turn 35, the math is simple. One drink equals 24 hours of hangover. * Kyle Shanahan has a knack for winning some of the big ones * Did you see the Detroit Lions out there against Denver? Looked like a MASH unit. More specifically, it looked like they gave the cast of M*A*S*H football uniforms and said good luck. * It might be time for the Heisman Trophy presentation ceremony to spice things up. * Is there anyone in sports media more underrated than Chris Fowler?

Not sure America can handle any more years of Matt Nagy being on the hot seat. * Tom Brady is now 33-3 against Buffalo. A real mafia would never let that happen. * UEFA has just declared the Champions League draw invalid and will draw again later today. Nothing fishy there. * Nothing gets the juices flowing like the promise of NFL football on a Saturday. Special time of year. * Rex Ryan just said on Get Up that he is a toe expert. Fact-check: true.