The Bills Gave LeSean McCoy a Ton of New Money


The Bills have given LeSean McCoy a new five-year contract. Mike Florio reports that the running back will receive $16 million this season and Adam Schefter adds that $26.5 million of the deal is guaranteed. Before the extension, McCoy was owed $10.25 million this season, but only $1 million of that was guaranteed.

While this deal is great for McCoy, it’s a puzzling move at first glance from Buffalo’s perspective. McCoy was already locked up through 2017 on his previous contract. From afar, it seems as though those rumors that he was “unhappy” with his new destination coerced the franchise into giving him extra money to keep him happy. They probably could’ve afforded to wait this one out a bit.

Meanwhile, the Bills remain in dire need of a quarterback.