The Big Golf Match Went Over Way Better Than Chris Russo Predicted

Mark Brown/Getty Images

Chris Russo was not enamored with the idea of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods playing golf -- even for charity -- when the idea arose in early April. He did what he does best in response, which is to launch into a prolonged and impassioned rant on the topic. Here is a truncated version of what the legendary radio voice had to say at the time.

It seems like a small tragedy to chip away at a masterpiece like this, distilling 12 minutes down to 2 and change. Would a person crop out half the Sistine Chapel ceiling? Would they dare reduce Beethoven to a few opening notes?

They would? Okay. Nevertheless.

In fairness to Russo, these comments were made almost two months ago. And while things haven't exactly gotten much better in the real world, attitudes have definitely become more friendly to the idea of sports -- any sports -- as distraction. Consider the NFL Draft, which many from across idealogical spectrum feared would create a gross disconnect. Those fears were resoundingly quieted.

The golf event yesterday was welcomed with open arms and even the initial detractors were silent. And it's okay if Russo happened to watch yesterday and enjoy the action. New information should facilitate new stances. It's also okay if he wants to stand by his initial take.

UPDATE: Russo ate the crow.

We're all trying to figure out the proper time and place to integrate sports back into the system. There's no answer key here. And just like the weather, things are destined to change the moment we start making plans.

It seems the best course of action is to enjoy the small doses we get without trying to irresponsibly bite off more than can be chewed. But, hey, you try giving that information to a self-identified mad dog.