The Best Super Bowl Party Foods

WINGZ / Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, folks. FINALLY.

Some of us will spend the day preparing to get off our couches and head over to that one friend's house, the one with the sweet basement and a consistently wide, varied array of foods to nibble on. Others are that friend; the smart ones will just need to put their already-prepared ingredients in the oven, while the rest will be spending their Sunday in line at the grocery store, scrambling to get everything done in time. If you're a part of this latter group, fear not. We at The Big Lead have been to many a Super Bowl party as a part of the job, and feel it's our duty to bring you, the reader, a definitive listing of the best foods to have at your Super Bowl party. So here it is. Go crazy.

Buffalo wings

An all-time staple of your Super Bowl party. The spread isn't complete without a few trays of buffalo wings. Almost as American as the game itself. The spicier the sauce, the better. Mild is for cowards.

Chicken wings

For the lame party attendees who can't handle the sauce. It's good to have as an option, but if you're comfortable with your guests, it's also the first to be forgotten when preparing at the grocery store. And please, there is nothing worse than the topic of if boneless wings are actually nuggets.


How many times have you sat at a sports bar, watching one of the dozen TVs hanging above you, munching on some nachos? If you're on this website, I'd bet the answer is many. It's not so much of a Super Bowl staple as it is a football, and indeed sports, staple. Plus, there's tons of room to work with if you're the creative type when it comes to toppings and spread.

Onion dip

A personal favorite of mine. Easy to make in large quantities, and a good alternative for those less spice-inclined and want to avoid salsa for the evening. Nothing spectacular, but a solid addition.

Buffalo dip

If you're going to choose any non-standard dip to eat with your chips, you just can't go wrong with a well-made buffalo dip. All of the points I made about the wings stand when it comes to how the flavor of buffalo food relates to football. This is just in a different, albeit less time-honored, form.


Simple. The best way to keep everyone happy. Easy to clean up. If you're a lazy Super Bowl party thrower, there is nothing more valuable than your local pizza shop. All you gotta do is keep your phone handy for when the delivery guy shows up. For some, Super Bowl Sunday means ordering six pizzas and calling it a day. And that's fine. We are not here to judge you, only the food.

Pigs in a blanket

Hot dogs are already delicious, but kind of weird to serve at anything that isn't a traditional cookout. But one day, a brave soul thought, "What if we wrapped tiny hot dogs in delicious bread?" And thus, pigs in a blanket were born. If you possess even a modicum of cooking skills, these finger foods are an ideal addition to the spread.


For those of us in the United States, the Super Bowl is often a cold affair, as much as we all wish we could be cooking burgers in the back yard before the big game. Thus, it often calls for winter food, and chili is THE winter food to end all winter foods. This comes with a heavy risk factor of needing to call a plumber on Monday if you like to make your chili bean-heavy, but it can keep your guests' stomachs full and warm in ways no other food can.

Cheez Doodles

Actually, these a pretty good reason not to ever host a Super Bowl party. Especially if you own a white couch.

Pulled pork

Don't trust anybody who has something bad to say about pulled pork. It's consistent and you have a lot of variety when it comes to the sauces. Plus, Kansas City is in the Super Bowl, and we'd all be lacking if we didn't have some kind of barbecue in our spread. Unless you're a Niners fan, I guess.