The 5 Worst College Football Wedding Weekends For 2016


Autumn is a wonderful time to get married. Alas, it conflicts with college football season. It would be a sad state of affairs if you let your televised sports viewing trump your personal relationships, so you are probably attending the event.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving would be the worst to miss. But, we’re assuming no one is that cruel and thoughtless to schedule a wedding that day. Even factoring out football, no one wants to wear formal wear two days after the onslaught. It’s a terrible, expensive time to travel. If you have a wedding that day, it’s time to reevaluate your relationship with said individuals.

Will include some caveats. We don’t have times for most of the later games, which could make a difference. Some conferences also have a lot of parity. Some Pac 12 or SEC games may be vital. But, we don’t know quite which ones yet.

Here are what we believe will be the five worst weekends to miss, football-wise.

September 17th

Florida State/Louisville is at noon. Alabama/Ole Miss is at 3:30. The real killer here is at night. Two inter-SEC West matchups kick off at 7pm. MSU/Notre Dame and Ohio State/Oklahoma kick off at 7:30pm. USC/Stanford starts at 8:00pm. Impossible to track all that on a cell phone.

September 3rd

It’s the first football Saturday. Thursday night did not quite satiate you after the long fast. It’s loaded. Oklahoma/Houston kicks off at noon. UCLA/Texas A&M and LSU/Wisconsin at 3:30. USC/Alabama and Clemson/Auburn at night. Fortunately, it’s a long weekend, so your wedding may be on a Sunday and you only miss Notre Dame/Texas.

October 29th

This Saturday has potentially the biggest games in the ACC (Clemson vs. FSU) and the Big Ten (Michigan vs. Michigan State). First cocktail party for Kirby Smart with Florida facing Georgia. Catholics vs. Convicts redux with Miami/Notre Dame. Auburn plays Ole Miss. Nebraska plays Wisconsin, if you’re into that sort of thing.

October 15th

This weekend does not offer a lot of depth, but you’re missing quality. Stanford/Notre Dame may have playoff implications. So may Alabama/Tennessee. Ohio State plays Wisconsin at night. There’s also shootout potential with West Virginia playing Texas Tech.

October 8th

No game jumps out immediately. But, there are a number of second tier games. Washington/Oregon or WSU/Stanford in the Pac 12. Alabama/Arkansas and LSU/Florida in the SEC. Texas plays Oklahoma. Florida State plays Miami. It feels like there is at least one great game in there somewhere.