The 10 Most Important NFL Stats From Week 1


0.0: The QB rating for Nathan Peterman, the Buffalo Bills QB who went 5-for-18 passing with two turnovers in losing a 47-3 bloodbath to the Ravens. Peterman was sacked three times and was basically as ineffective as he was last year. Peterman has thrown 70 career NFL passes; eight of them have been intercepted.

1: Khalil Mack had the perfect first half Sunday night against the Packers: A sack, a forced fumble and fumble recovery, and an interception for a touchdown. Don’t ask me where he was in the second half, though …

4: Sacks and tackles for loss by TJ Watt in Pittsburgh’s 21-21 tie against the Browns. Watt, the Steelers 1st round pick in 2017 was unblockable all afternoon and was a major reason Tyrod Taylor was just 15-of-40 passing. Watt – the younger brother of JJ Watt – had a very good rookie season with seven sacks; he’ll almost certainly shatter that this season.

5: Turnovers by Ben Roethlisberger in Cleveland. Three interceptions, and two fumbles. His interception in overtime should have cost the Steelers the game, but it’s the Browns, so naturally the kick was blocked.

23.7: The QB rating for Dak Prescott in the 16-8 loss to the Panthers. If you go by the QB rating metric, it’s the 3rd worst game of Prescott’s career.

71: Someone named Phillip Lindsay rushed for 71 yards in Denver’s win over Seattle. I am in multiple fantasy leagues and watch college football every weekend and I’ve never heard of Philip Lindsay. Turns out he’s a great story – he went to high school in Denver, then played at the University of Colorado, where he was the school’s all-time leader in all-purpose yards. He’s 5-foot-8, 180-pounds.

149: Total yards from Joe Mixon of the Bengals in their comeback win over the Colts. Mixon averaged 5.6 ypc and finished with 95 yards on the ground; he caught five passes for 54 yards. Perhaps most importantly, he had seven targets, 2nd most on the team. If you can trade for him in fantasy, you should.

166: Total yards from Adrian Peterson of the Redskins in the rout of Arizona. Peterson, who is 33-years old, had 96 yards on the ground, and 70 yards receiving (on two catches). It’s the most yards he’s had receiving in a game since October 30, 2011 when he was in Minnesota.

179: Total yards by Tyreek Hill in the 1st quarter against the Chargers. Hill finished the game with 95 yards on returns, 169 yards receiving, and four yards rushing.

529: Total yards by the Bucs in New Orleans against the Saints defense, which last year appeared to be “back.” What happened to defensive Rookie of the Year, Marcus Lattimore? Torched by Mike Evans (147 yards). Defensive end Cam Jordan was a non-factor. The Saints had zero sacks and gave up 8.5 yards per play to Harvard’s finest, Ryan Fitzpatrick.