The 10 Best Head Coaches in the NBA


The Big Lead revealed the best head coaches in both college football and in the NFL. Now, it is time for the answer in the NBA. 

Here are the 10 current NBA coaches at the top of the field:

10. Tom Thibodeau, Timberwolves

There was a time when Tom Thibodeau was mentioned among the best coaches, then everyone wanted him fired. Now, neither of those conversations are needed. Thibodeau’s hard, physical style is not for everyone, and never will be.

1. Gregg Popovich, Spurs

Pop remains the best coach in the NBA. Even in a year where the Spurs lacked any real talent, they were always respectable and that was due to their coach. Gregg Popovich’s style is not ideal for the players of today, but he is still the best in the game.

9. Scott Brooks, Wizards

Scott Brooks took the blame in Oklahoma City, but time has proven he was not the problem. Brooks is never going to be confused as a basketball genius or a coach that should be moved to an assistant.

8. Quin Snyder, Jazz

Quin Snyder coaches old-school and it works. Losing Gordon Hayward did not stop Snyder from leading his team to the fifth-best record in the West. Sure, Donovan Mitchell is unbelievable, but so is his coach.

7. Dwane Casey, Pistons

Just stop it. Dwane Casey was far and away the best coach last regular season and only has one issue — he can’t beat LeBron James. The Raptors will be worse without him, and the Pistons will be better with him.

6. Erik Spoelstra, Heat

Coach Spo will always be in the shadow of Pat Riley, but that is not due to any shortcoming. History has been kind to his resume as he now looks to be the coach who handled LeBron James’ needs the best. Oh, and he is the best-dressed coach in the NBA.

5. Rick Carlisle, Mavericks

Rick Carlisle is stuck coaching a rebuilding Mavericks team that hasn’t been good in years. But that is not on Carlisle who is one of most versatile coaches of the past decade. All things equal, Carlisle is better than 25 NBA coaches today.

4. Mike D’Antoni, Rockets

If Mike D'Antoni was willing to adjust his style, he may be sitting here as the coach of the 2018 NBA champion Rockets … but he isn’t and he didn’t. Regardless, D’Antoni is the best offensive mind in the game and is on the current Mount Rushmore of NBA coaches. The current style of the NBA was created by a tailor for D’Antoni.

3. Brad Stevens, Celtics

The Brad Stevens hype went a little too far this past season. But he is still great. Stevens had a star-less team eight points from the NBA Finals against the King of the East. The next step for Stevens involves inserting two all-stars into a young, talented rotation.

2. Steve Kerr, Warriors

Steve Kerr is often forgotten about in this discussion as he is the coach of four (now five) future Hall-of-Famers. His greatness comes from managing and juggling superstars. A la the greatest of all-time, Phil Jackson, Kerr is a leader of superstars.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t slap the NBA in the face again next season as a joke.