The $1 Hot Dogs at Kauffman Stadium Still Look Disgusting


Last Friday the Royals hosted a terrific promotion at Kauffman Stadium — $1 hot dog night (known as “buck night”) … a night where an idiot myself can be king. Unfortunately it appears many of the hot dogs, as reported by KCTV5, were disgusting, even by hot dog standards.

If you’ll recall during the Royals run to the World Series last year there were complaints (and potential health code violations) about the concession stands at Kauffman. It appears fans, despite a new in-stadium bar and nacho helmets, should still be worried.

And it doesn’t sound like the team, or Aramark who runs the concessions, cares that much. Per KCTV:

"“They kind of told us, ‘well they’re a dollar, so you get what you get,'” Ross said."

True, I know what I’m getting when I buy a $1 gas station hot dog, but I don’t expect mold on the bun either:

KCTV reached out to the Aramark, which unsurprisingly, denied there was a problem:

"A company called Aramark manages the Royals concessions. A spokesperson says there was nothing wrong with the hot dogs. They said they sold more than 63,000 dollar dogs on Friday night, but the pictures KCTV5 showed fans at Sunday night’s game didn’t impress."

In more practical terms here at TBL HQ, I asked Missouri resident (and Royals fan) Jason Lisk about this story. His response is chilling:

"Yikes, glad I didn’t go to buck night. If my son hadn’t had a game that night we probably would have gone."

If there’s a small silver lining here, it’s that our beloved Managing Editor didn’t get sick a la Homer Simpson eating cheap ballpark meat. That said, clean up your concession stands, Royals.

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[photos via KCTV5]