Texas Southern Tuba Player Barely Stops Playing Long Enough to Punch a Fan in the Head Four Times


Jackson State beat Texas Southern, 21-19, on Saturday. A valiant Texas Southern comeback came up just short, but at least the band provided a highlight that will never be forgotten. At some point in the game one of the tuba players from the Ocean of Soul briefly stopped to punch a mouthy fan in the head.

The weirdest part of all of this is that the fan didn't fight back. It's almost like he just wanted to get punched by a guy in the band. It didn't look like he caught him clean, but eventually somebody grabbed the fan and laid him down between the bench seats to tell him to knocked it off.

Not that it matters how much damage the punches did. What matters is that he was willing to throw them and he appeared to be in the right to do so. And then he went back to playing his instrument. It's the kind of performance that gets you put on tour with Motley Crue. If they needed a tuba player. Something to think about for their next reunion perhaps.