Texas' DeMarvion Overshown Is the King of Armbands

Tim Warner/Getty Images

Viewers tuning into the Valero Alamo Bowl Tuesday night night could not help but notice that Texas Longhorns linebacker DeMarvion Overshown was sporting an unusual number of armbands. Couples who have long passed the point of having anything to say to each other may have had one party ask if it was just him or did that guy have more than the minimum required pieces of flair on, only to be shot down with a one-word reply. And maybe that guy feels a certain sense of vindication this afternoon after Overshown himself addressed his viral turn.

Eight armbands. On one arm. An Alamo Bowl record for sure. Perhaps an NCAA mark as well.

Someone alert the people at Guinness World Records.

Overshown has now carved out his gimmick. He has no competition in the space. Playing chess while the others wear one measly armband at a time.