Texas Charts Say Air Conditioning Worked in the LSU Locker Room, Ed Orgeron Insists It Was Stuffy


Last Saturday the #6 LSU Tigers beat #9 Texas in Austin, 45-38. After the game Tigers coach Ed Orgeron said that there was no air conditioning in the visitors’ locker room on a day where the temperatures neared 100-degrees. Via The Advocate:

"“First of all, I called Louisiana Tech, and they told us about it,” Orgeron said Monday. “So we did some things in the dressing room that were better. It wasn’t great, but it was better. At least we had air in there. They didn’t have air. We had some blowers in there. I don’t think that caused as much as going out there and having to play 93 plays on defense. I think that had a lot to do with it.”"

Now, Orgeron didn’t accuse Texas of doing this to mess with his team. He just stated that the air didn’t work and someone had told him about it ahead of time.

So was the central air having trouble? If it was, nobody said anything to Texas.

Pressed on the issue later in the week, Orgeron confirmed that he was told there was no air and simply said that LSU brought “blowers” to ensure that there was some ventilation. Via The Advocate:

"“We put blowers on the floor Friday so we could have some ventilation,” Orgeron said, adding he was told there was no air conditioning."

Orgeron also added that he was sure LSU has “a plan or two to make them as comfortable as they can possibly be” when Texas visits Baton Rouge in 2020. Ha ha.

But things did not end there. Today Texas provided a spreadsheet to ESPN showing that the thermostat was set at 68 and the temperatures remained in the early 70’s with the temperature peaking at 74.7-degrees when the game ended. They also sent an airflow chart. Everything but a triangle graph.

So was Orgeron wrong about the heat in the locker room? Of course not! Via ESPN:

"“All I did was make sure we had air conditioners and blowers. We put air conditioners and blowers, I don’t know about air conditioners but put blowers on the floor [of the locker room]. Saturday, it was fine, it was a little stuffy in there. Whether the air conditioner was on or not, I’m not sure.”"

This is a great example of no one ever being wrong in 2019. Never admit you weren’t right. Double down to infinity. The air conditioning was broken. Well, it wasn’t broken, but it was warm. Here are some charts proving it wasn’t warm.

Who knows if their air conditioners worked. We had air conditioners, but I’m not sure if we used them. It was definitely stuffy. I specifically remember saying that it felt stuffy in here.