Texas And Oklahoma Are Leaving the Big 12. College Sports Hell Is About to Follow

SEC Men's Basketball Tournament - Alabama v Mississippi State
SEC Men's Basketball Tournament - Alabama v Mississippi State / Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

It's all but official, Texas and Oklahoma are leaving the Big 12 for the SEC. What will follow in their wake could be a college sports apocalypse the likes of which we've never seen. Realignment has happened before, but the next round of it could alter the landscape to an extreme degree. Get really for hell, college sports fans.

With Texas and Oklahoma gone, the Big 12 is on its last legs. It needed the financial power of UT and OU to stay afloat. Now, with those cash cows gone, the conference has little reason to exist. It will inevitably fall apart sending its teams scrambling to latch on to other conferences.

This will, in the end, be a disaster. We'll get some terrible fits like we have before. I mean, does anyone even remember that Maryland and Rutgers are in the Big Ten? Texas A&M is also still in the SEC, in case you hadn't checked in a while. Louisville is in the ACC and is situated roughly 700 miles from the Atlantic coast. That's almost a quarter of the way across the country.

None of this makes sense and it's making college sports worse. It's obliterating the traditional rivalries fans love to insert ill-fitting teams and create unbalanced schedules in bloated super-conferences, all to worship at the alter of the almighty dollar. It's gross and ruins the pageantry of what used to make college sports fun.

Need an example of how ridiculous this is all getting? During a conference call on Thursday, the Big 12's leadership discussed reaching out to the Pac-12 about creating a 20-team merger. Yes, a 20-team super conference with a whole host of teams no one care about. Sounds wonderful.

Buckle up and prepare yourselves for a ridiculous next 12 months, folks.