Terry Francona's Son Nick Blasts Zach Plesac on Twitter

Zach Plesac, Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians
Zach Plesac, Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians / Jason Miller/Getty Images

Zach Plesac took to social media on Thursday and lamented how he and Cleveland Indians teammate Mike Clevinger have been treated since getting caught violating Major League Baseball's coronavirus protocols. The son of Indians manager Terry Francona wasn't hearing it and ripped Plesac on Twitter.

Clevinger and Plesac have been removed from the team after they broke curfew while in Chicago and went to dinner, then to a friends' house. In an Instagram video, Plesac complained, "the media is terrible" and said they do "some evil things." Nick Francona thinks Plesac should shut the hell up.

Here's Plesac's video:

And here are Francona's responses to it:

I'm firmly on #TeamFrancona here. This Logan Paul-looking pinhead needs to shut up for a while.

First of all, Plesac is recording a video and looking at the camera while driving. How stupid can he be? Second, he's basically saying the media is "evil" for reporting exactly what happened. Yeah, damn those reporters for doing their jobs. Plesac is the one who broke MLB's protocols and acted like a moron. He has no one to blame but himself.

While Plesac sits there and blames the media, his own teammates and general manager had harsh words for him.

In conclusion, Zach Plesac is an imbecile and no one should take a single thing he says seriously.