Terrelle Pryor Reportedly Thinking About Entering the NFL Supplemental Draft [UPDATE]


In one of many boneheaded decisions made by Ohio State and Jim Tressel in the last few months, the Buckeyes announced Pryor’s suspension before the Sugar Bowl – which was a joke – and then promised that all of the suspended players would return for next season. But now that Pryor has had some time to think about it, perhaps he’s reconsidering. What is there to gain from coming back? What if the team is 5-0 and the starting QB – whoever it is – is playing great? Will Tressel not want to tinker with team chemistry? What if the Buckeyes get upset early, and never get a shot at the title?

What are the odds Pryor can keep his nose clean for the next seven months?

And even if he does, will six or seven games really be enough to improve his draft stock? That’s assuming anyone thinks he can play QB in the NFL.

Floyd, for what it’s worth, doesn’t appear to be leaving Notre Dame early thanks to a favorable ruling last week.

[UPDATE: The Plain-Dealer reports Pryor may not even be eligible for the Supplemental draft.]