Tee Higgins Took More Abuse on One Play Than Most Players Do in an Entire Game

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Tee Higgins had a big game on Sunday Night Football against the Buffalo Bills. The wide receiver led the Cincinnati Bengals in targets, receptions and receiving yards in the primetime victory as the team won their fourth straight game. When Higgins wasn't the target of a Joe Burrow pass, he was doing the thankless part of his job, which included one play where he basically lived the football equivalent of that scene from The Simpsons where Sideshow Bob keeps stepping on rakes.

Watch this video once at full speed and you probably don't even notice Higgins. It looks like a hundred other run plays you'll see on your basic NFL Sunday. But if you find Higgins early in the video and watch carefully, you'll see him take a game's worth of abuse all in a single 10-second clip.

Things start innocently enough as Higgins tries to get involved in the blocking at the line of scrimmage as Joe Mixon runs by. With Mixon a few yards clear, Higgins probably thought he was done for the play, but that's when linebacker Dorian Williams comes in and shoves him from behind, causing him to trip over cornerback Dane Jackson.

Luckily, he falls safely on his back like a turtle while the action seems to be coming to an end a few yards away.

Until Mixon and multiple Bills defenders start moving back towards the line of scrimmage, eventually finding themselves right on top of HIggins as he rolls over to try and get up.

This is the point where you realize just how much Dorian Williams was hustling as he went from shoving Higgins in the back to being part of the gang tackling Mixon on top of Higgins. As that group starts to roll over HIggins, he again starts to get up, but Williams puts his hand right in the middle of his back and stuffs him back to the ground one final time.

As the pile finally clears, Higgins gets up on his hands and knees assuming his punishment has finally ended. Which is the exact moment where teammate Jonah Williams runs by catching Higgins' helmet with his thigh in the process.

So it should have been no surprise when Higgins was then hit by Leonard Floyd who was chasing Williams.

At this point the camera finally, mercifully cuts away, presumably right before an ACME anvil landed on Higgins and finished him off. The fact that he made it to a postgame interview is nothing short of a miracle.