Tedy Bruschi Says Matthew Stafford Isn't Tough Enough For the Patriots Anyway

Tedy Bruschi and Robert Kraft.
Tedy Bruschi and Robert Kraft. / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Tedy Bruschi called in to Ordway, Merloni & Fauria on WEEI on Wednesday to join some dudes to talk about dudes who play football. Asked about Matthew Stafford saying he would have accepted a trade anywhere but to New England, Bruschi defended his beloved Patriots Way by going on the attack.

"He’s not tough enough to play here. He’s just not tough enough. I don’t think he’s tough enough to be coached hard. I mean, do you realize the mental toughness that Tom Brady had to have for 20 years to deal with Bill Belichick and that type of coaching? I mean, constant pressure every single day. Does Stafford sort of grab you as a guy who could handle that? I just don’t think so. So he went Sean McVay and get his little best friend relationship and have fun over there. That's fine."

Tedy Bruschi

This is clearly insane and one of the more biased takes you will ever hear. Bruschi spent his entire career with Bill Belichick and Patriots and he's on a Boston sports talk radio station so you're required by law to say anyone who doesn't want to play for the Patriots isn't tough enough. Stafford probably didn't want to go to New England because he (correctly!) figured Matt Patricia would end up there at some point. Or because he wanted to be on a playoff team and Sean McVay just happens to be the coach.

Besides, Stafford played all 16 games in nine of the last 10 seasons. He is the definition of a gamer. Lining up behind center on a team that bad in that many NFL games for a decade means you're tough. Anyone who watches football regularly knows he's tough. Now we get to find out if he's good.

Even if it is in a "little best friend relationship," which sounds awesome by the way.