Ted Lasso Returns to Promote NBC's Premier League Coverage

By Mike Cardillo

Ted Lasso is back for another round of promos to usher in NBC’s second year of English Premier League coverage. This year NBC enlisted Arlo White, Rebecca Lowe and part-time analyst/USMNT keeper Tim Howard for the six-minute spot. Just like last year it’s funny, it’s clever and it’s a good way for NBC to build goodwill with fans — although the network’s sterling coverage last season speaks for itself.

If NBC really wants to go wild, why not use Lasso to call an actual game or work in the studio? Sure it would be a massive gimmick and might piss some people off, but it might be fun. A little humour, err, humor never hurts. Actor Jason Sudeikis’ enthusiasm playing a one-dimensional caricature of American football coaches is certainly impressive, if only for the mustache.

On second thought, let’s not drive a good idea into the ground.

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