Ted Cruz Showered With Boos at Astros World Series Parade


The Houston Astros are celebrating their World Series championship with a parade on Monday. MLB's best team rolled through the streets to the cheers of their adoring fans. Only one thing could put a damper on the day: Senator Ted Cruz.

For some reason, Cruz was part of the parade, rolling down the street in a camouflaged Humvee. As he passed and waved to the crowd, he was booed heavily, and faced a ton of middle finger salutes.

Check it out:

I know he's one of the state's senators, but at this point Cruz has to know he's not well-liked, right? How did he not know this would happen? Unless he's super into being shown tons of hate, why would he put himself through this? Also, why did the Astros invite politicians to participate? Doesn't seem like a great idea.

This day was supposed to be about Houston's players. Unless Cruz pitched a few innings of relief at some point this season, I'm not sure why he's there.