Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Kissed on the Field After Super Bowl LVIII


The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in a thrilling Super Bowl LVIII. The Chiefs took the win 25-22 in overtime, which led to quite a celebration from Taylor Swift. After the game, she celebrated on the field with team and boyfriend Travis Kelce. When the two found each other they shared a kiss.

Here's Swift on the field:

Here's Swift blowing kisses to him:

Here she is looking on while Travis sang "Viva Las Vegas":

And here's video of the two embracing and kissing once they found each other:

And another angle:

This is a really nice end to the NFL's subplot of the season. Unless you're one of those people who hates these two seemingly nice humans for precisely no reason. If so, this must be pretty awful for you. Oh well, you could distract yourself by, I don't know, getting a life?

After the game, Kelce and Andy Reid both confirmed they would be returning to the Chiefs next season for a shot at a three-peat.