Boyfriend Can't Hang Out With Girlfriend Because He Has to Work

Johnny Nunez/GettyImages

So I was just over on the New York Post's website getting my daily updates on what Livvy Dunne wore and what Christian McCaffrey's girlfriend has to say about the upcoming San Francisco 49ers game when I happened to notice a very alluring Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift headline. Since I, like most people, am a disgusting little piglet who will oink oink and gobble up any slop you want to feed me, I clicked it very strongly.

Travis Kelce won’t be on the Golden Globes red carpet with Taylor Swift, it read. It gets most of the key information out of the way immediately.

Taylor Swift is expected to attend the Golden Globes Sunday — but her boyfriend Travis Kelce won’t be with her despite being in Los Angeles at the same time, sources tell Page Six.

Kelce’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, will actually be playing the LA Chargers Sunday at SoFi Stadium, with the game airing on CBS before the Globes.

But sources said that he will be busy gearing up for the NFL playoffs season and not on the red carpet. We’re told there will be no swanky after-parties for Kelce, either, as he will fly back to Kansas City with his team right after the game.

Boyfriend Cannot Hang Out With Girlfriend Because He Has To Work. A classic thing that happens millions of times every day without any fanfare at all. Swift is nominated in the new category Cinematic and Box Office Achievement, for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.

Look here, I refuse to shame or criticize anyone who wants to leverage this relationship for clicks. God knows we've been doing the same over here at The Big Lead. But these types of articles keep happening. There were several a few weeks ago when she was going to be in South America during a Chiefs game. Like, obviously, she had to send her regrets on that one. There was another spate when any hangout time would have caused Kelce to travel across the country without his team a few days before another game.

Is it too much to ask that we reserve our ink and CMS space to be used when these two are going to hang out, not when they can't make it work due to obvious scheduling conflicts? Genuinely asking. It may, in fact, be too much. If that's the case, be prepared to read all about it every time Kelce has to pick up a shift instead of snuggle under a warm blanket and watch something on Hulu with Swift.