Taylor Swift Wore Something From Erin Andrews' Clothing Line to the Chiefs-Broncos Game

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Taylor Swift has attended three of the last four Kansas City Chiefs games, which would be impressive consistency for someone checking out their beau's recreational softball league and even more so considering she probably has a more action-packed schedule than the average person. Tonight she's posted up next to Travis Kelce's mother, Donna, again. We're doing the same song and dance as before as every step of her journey to the press box is documented and the production truck is tasked with pushing the envelope in terms of just how often they want to go to the Swift well.

There's a new sports-media wrinkle, though, as Variety dutifully reports that Swift is wearing a jacket from Erin Andrews' line. Andrews recently told Variety that she had sent Swift some items from her line with the hopes that she’d wear one in the future. And it happened almost immediately.

This is incredible work by Andrews. The headiest of heady plays.

Sales are going to go through the roof now, considering that the Fox Sports mainstay previous told Variety that Swift merely wearing a windbreaker to the Bears' game that wasn't from Andrews line still translated into increased visibility and sales.

Taylor Swift
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Seriously, congratulations on what's sure to be a nice windfall.