Was Taylor Swift Distracted by Las Vegas Wedding Plans When She Nearly Fell Off a Chair During a Concert?

Her boyfriend Travis Kelce is already in Vegas.
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Tokyo, Japan
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Tokyo, Japan / Christopher Jue/TAS24/GettyImages

Taylor Swift nearly fell off a chair during her first of four Tokyo concerts ahead of the Super Bowl. This begs the obvious question: Has Travis Kelce become a distraction? It's a question that has to be asked. I mean look at this one-second clip where she tries to sit down one inch closer to the edge of the chair than she usually does.

That's not the kind of slip up you have on stage if your head is in the game. And when you're messing up like this on a stage this big, like Travis Kelce was during the last two months of the regular season as he scored just one touchdown and the Chiefs dropped five of eight games, headlines get generated.

Taylor now has a couple more shows to prove she's still got it, kind of like Travis did as he scored three touchdowns and led the Chiefs in receptions during three straight road wins as they advanced to the fourth Super Bowl in five seasons. If performance issues persist we can only assume her head is already in Las Vegas where she and Kelce have already been offered a free wedding.

That's right. Chapel of the Flowers has offered to marry the couple for free on Sunday. With wedding packages up to $9,399 available, how can the richest woman in the world say no? Especially when they have a venue that can seat 80 people, which means the entire Chiefs roster and coaching staff can attend. Talk about a dream wedding.