Taylor Rooks and Joy Taylor Have Joined Forces For a New Podcast


Joy Taylor and Taylor Rooks are starting a podcast. The pair announced the new show called Two Personal in a new video on Thursday morning. The video starts with a quick behind-the-scenes look at a photoshoot before [Joy] Taylor and Taylor [Rooks] explain their decision to start a podcast.

In their debut video Rooks and Taylor answer a couple questions presented on title cards which will eventually eventually be asked by St. Peter of everyone who approaches the Pearly Gates: Why did you decide to start a podcast? and What makes you qualified to enter the podcasting space? The fact that they even thought they needed to answer those questions in 2024 should tell you a lot about their actual qualifications.

Here's Taylor Rooks explaining how it is basically their turn to speak freely, while using an example of a podcast that is probably hosted by someone at ESPN.

"I believe that we have not been given the space to talk about things outside of sports, whereas other people have. Specifically, men can have entire shows where they literally talk about what kind butts they like. They talk about the kind of women they like. They talk about the men that they hate. By name. And women have not been given the space to just speak. Now granted... We would not do any of those things. But its the fact that we haven't had the place to even have an opportunity to do those things..."

And why not them? Rooks has become one of the most accomplished interviewers in sports and pop culture and currently asks her questions for Turner, Bleacher Report and Amazon's Thursday Night Football. Joy Taylor has been prominently featured across FS1 for nearly a decade now. First as the Skip and Shannon moderator on Undisputed, then in the chair currently occupied by Jason McIntyre on The Herd and now as one of the stars of Speak.

When everyone has a podcast, it is kind of crazy that two media members with their resumes still feel like they need to justify having a podcast, which seems like the kind of thing that perfectly qualifies them to do whatever they want.

Near the end of the video they appear to show the exact moment they came up with the title of the podcast, which seems a bit convinient. Less convinient is the set design. If they can do a successful podcast in those weird chairs, then they have truly accomplished something unique. Hopefully, any guests will be forced to sit criss-cross applesauce on what will almost certainly become known as the End Table of Truth.