Tarot Card Reader On Fox News Spells Doom For Donald Trump


It's 2024, which means it's officially an election year in the United States ... take a deep breath everyone. With that in mind, Fox News host Jesse Watters had a tarot card reader on to see what the year holds for both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Let's just say, according to her, things don't look good for Trump.

The card reader pulled the dreaded "Five of Cups" card for the former president. Apparently that's really bad news.

Here's video:

And here's the Five of Cups' meaning:

This card can carry a meaning of dejection, disappointment and sorrow over past events. It can also represent a blindness to good in a given situation. Although the person pictured on the card has lost three cups, two still stand, and he or she fails to appreciate what is left. A river flows under a bridge leading to a safe destination, and yet they focus on their three lost cups.

Yeah, not great for someone who is running for election while also facing multiple indictments.