Tank Dell Taken off the Field With Fractured Fibula Against the Broncos


Tank Dell suffered a fractured fibula (UPDATE) and had to be taken off the field on the injury cart during the first quarter of Week 13's Houston Texans - Denver Broncos game. Dell got hurt in the pile as Dameon Pierce scored a Houston touchdown at the goalline. Dell's leg was caught under the body of Broncos' tackle DJ Jones.

Jones, who is listed at 305lbs, came down on top of Dell's foot and probably couldn't really go anywhere, but that hasn't stopped people from speculating based on this angle.

Other than that most people are wondering why Dell, who is listed at just 165 pounds, was involved in the pile at the goal line, but the Eagles have made it look like it takes all 11 guys to go one-yard so everybody has to get involved. Even small rookie wide receivers.

Dell is second on the Texans in receiving yards and leads the team in receiving touchdowns.