Talkers Magazine Ranked the Top 100 Sports Radio Shows, and Mike Francesa Was No. 1


1. Francesa
2. Jim Rome
3. Dan Patrick
4. Boomer & Carton – I listen to these guys for about seven minutes every other day on the way to Starbucks. They’re terrible. How bad? I actually find myself switching to Mike & Mike.
6. Mike & Mike – Best when they’re replaced by guys like Todd McShay, Mel Kiper and Jay Bilas.
7. Dennis & Callahan
8. Tony Kornheiser
13. Dan LeBatard – Seems low.
14. Mike Missanelli – Philly radio host who is often a brutal listen because he completely ignores college football and college hoops, and when he chimes in, he’s woefully informed. Big 5! Penn State! Wake up, Mike!
18. Mason & Ireland – Always good for quality Lakers chatter.
22. Colin Cowherd – Perfect opportunity to plug the feature story we wrote about him earlier this year.
39. Chris Russo – I haven’t listened to this gasbag since he left Francesa. I do enjoy a solid rant from this guy, though.
41. Paul Finebaum – The South swears by him, but do sports fans in any other area of the country know him?
54. Bernie Miklasz – So he’s a columnist and has a successful radio show? Impressive.
71. John Canzano – Another columnist-radio show guy hybrid.
77. Arrington and Dukes – I know those guys! DC represent.
96. Czaban and Pollin – Lots of Czaban fans visit this website.