Take a Test Similar to the Wonderlic. Think You're Smarter than an NFL Draft Prospect?


The Wonderlic test will be taken by dozens of future NFL players at the Combine this weekend in Indianapolis, and inevitably, some players will perform poorly. Often, those scores magically get “leaked” to the media – usually by agents or teams – and it becomes a talking point as said player slides down everyone’s hypothetical draft board. See Morris Claiborne, the cornerback from LSU who scored a 4 (Dallas still loved him, and traded up to get him; he’s been average at best). Last year, playmakers Tavon Austin of West Virginia and Cordarrelle Patterson of Tennesssee scored a 7 and 11, respectively. Both had solid rookie campaigns.

Amazingly, even someone who scores high – say, Greg McElroy, the Rhodes Scholar candidate from Alabama – it can be a “red flag.” Blaine Gabbert, who many pundits loved more than Cam Newton a few years ago, scored a 42.

Want to know what the test is like? Here’s a test similar to the Wonderlic that NFL teams are passing around. I’ve tried to take the test twice, but it’s been heavily-trafficked today, and keeps freezing up. So good luck.

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[via Falcons Blogs]

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