T.Y. Hilton Wore a Hamburger Backpack, Possibly to Make a Point About His Contract


T.Y. Hilton is in the midst of contract negotiations with the Indianapolis Colts. And what better way to improve your bargaining position than by wearing a backpack with a hamburger on it?

Okay. There are probably better ways. But that’s what Hilton did today when he showed up to camp.

Hilton, who is fortunate enough to have an extensive backpack collection, was asked if his delicious-looking apparel was intentional.

" Asked whether there was any symbolism involved, Hilton confirmed each bag he owns has a purpose. And the meaning behind this bag was unequivocal. “When you think about a hamburger, you’re ready to eat, right?” Hilton deadpanned. “So, I’m ready to eat.” "

Draw your own conclusions there.

" While he clearly is adamant about wanting a new deal, Hilton said he can keep his focus in spite of the ongoing talks. “For me, you want to get it out of the way,” Hilton said. “But there’s nothing I can do. Playing is the only thing I can control.” "

Exactly the type of poise you’d expect from someone who collects backpacks. The NFL must seem like small potatoes after going head-to-head in an online bidding war for a rare Hello Kitty number.

[Indy Star]

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