Syracuse Coach Scott Shafer: "ISIS is out there cutting people's heads off."


Louisville beat Syracuse, 28-6, on Friday night in the Carrier Dome. After the game Syracuse’s head football coach, Scott Shafer, was asked if games like this made him feel frustration or despair. Shafer’s answer was probably a little too honest as he went over the top to explain how lucky he is.

"No despair. I’m the luckiest guy alive. I see ISIS is out there cutting people’s heads off. Um. The real world’s got some major problems. Some major problems. And we’re just so doggone lucky to be coaching and playing a sport and being criticized for not getting a call made with a couple seconds left in the game. Or being criticized for not catching a dead pig with air in it. So you know, to me, life’s pretty damn good. And I’m so lucky to be having to field these types of questions. I feel so blessed to be a football coach. And, uh, livin’ the dream."

This has to be the most #blessed answer a coach has ever given in a press conference. He is lucky to be making a living coaching a sport, but this is also the first time a football coach has referenced ISIS in a press conference. John Oliver should be proud.