Sydney Moss, Daughter of Randy Moss, May Have To Transfer to Division III Thanks to Florida Coach's Transfer Restrictions [UPDATE]

By Ty Duffy

Randy Moss’ daughter Sydney was Miss Basketball in Kentucky. She enrolled at Florida and, after her solid freshman season, decided she wanted to transfer. Thanks to the stringent transfer restrictions imposed by Florida basketball coach Amanda Butler, however, she most likely will have to transfer to Division III Thomas More College in the Presidents Athletic Conference.

Butler blocked Moss from considering any BCS program, which has eliminated her preferred choices: Kentucky, Louisville, Cincinnati and West Virginia. Moss was one of a string of transfers, amidst what reporters have described as “severe internal issues.”

[UPDATE: A member of the University of Florida athletic department emailed us last night with this information, and the all caps is theirs: “Sydney asked for and RECEIVED a release to several BCS schools, INCLUDING Louisville, Cincinnati and Ohio State, as well as several other schools … Your source is a student newspaper that never bothered to check its facts.“]

Like the Wes Lunt transfer saga, this highlights one of the prime hypocrisies of NCAA athletics. Coaches can leave a program immediately, with impunity and without a non-compete clause. “Student-Athletes” are subject to the whim of the school and, often, individual coaches. Billy Donovan has no issues with players transferring, even to other SEC programs. Amanda Butler does.

If you’re going to claim “student-athletes” are mere “students,” they should be treated as such. They should have the right to pursue their education at another institution and the right to participate in extra curricular activities and accept any financial aid said institution wishes to grant. If you wish to control them, pay them.

[Photo via USA Today Sports]