Surely Kevin Durant Will Not Ask For a Trade Again

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant / Theo Wargo/GettyImages

The Kevin Durant trade saga is mercifully over. After nearly two full months of wild speculation and rumors, the Brooklyn Nets announced that KD had met with owner Joe Tsai, his wife Clara Wu Tsai, and the Sean Marks/Steve Nash combination. Together, they decided to pretend the last 60 days didn't happen and would instead move forward.

What changed, you ask? Well... nothing. As far as we're aware.

Durant initially asked out because he reportedly "lost faith" in the direction the team was headed. Conveniently, he had this crisis of faith right after the Nets exited a protracted negotiation with Kyrie Irving and refused to give him the extension he wanted. Things got to the point where KD apparently demanded Nash and Marks be fired or he would continue in his quest to leave Brooklyn. All this happened less than a year after Durant signed a four-year extension offered by the very same men he wanted fired.

Yet they remain in charge. The Nets didn't even have to do anything roster-wise to appease KD. They made all their big moves before he asked out. Usually, when a superstar expresses his discontent, front offices are launched into a tizzy trying to figure out how to make things better for them. Brooklyn did nothing.

Surely this is the end, though, right? After nothing on the surface changed except KD's opinion of the direction of the team, we can all lay this to rest and look forward to four years of Durant in a Nets uniform. This will definitely be the end of the Durant trade saga. Yup. No doubt about it.

This remains as confusing as it was when Durant's trade request was first reported. So it feels like a fitting end. It did help us all get through the summertime, though. so for that we content creators thank Kevin Durant.