Super Bowl Road Trip: Q&A with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Brooklyn Decker

By Jason McIntyre

Q: Has your tennis game improved since you met Andy?
A: Not at all. Not at all. I have taken one lesson. I figure if I’m not going to beat him at it, there’s no point in trying. Too competitive.

Q: Why’d you pick UNC over Duke when choosing your college basketball allegiance.
A: I grew up in North Carolina and I just like what UNC is about a little bit better. i love the campus, Michael Jordan, Dean Smith … i like the history there.

Q: Been a rough year for Roy. He’s thrown a few temper tantrums.
A: I don’t blame him … at this point, I’m just hoping they make the tournament.

Q: Do you watch Lost?
A: Noooooo.

Q: Athlete you met that left you in awe.
A: Evander Holyfield was pretty amazing. When i was growing up he had that whole controversy with Mike Tyson. Meeting Evander … the guy is kind of legendary.

Q: Best thing about living in Texas.
A: Well, I live in New York, too. In NY – I love my neighborhood – we just moved to Brooklyn two weeks ago. I’m really new to it. Texas … it’s the most homey place – in the comfortable sense.

Q: The buzz about you here seems to be that you’re not a typical model and you’re pretty smart and well-spoken.
A: I would like to say I’m more educated than I am, but I only have a high school education. I read a lot because I spend a lot of time traveling by myself. I just finished a cheesy book yesterday – Dear John. It’s a Nicholas Sparks book, but I had to read it because the movie is coming out. I read a lot of romantic novels – like the Time Traveler’s Wife. I also read some political books – like Hardball by Chris Matthews.

Q: I take it you’re an MSNBC viewer as opposed to Fox News?
A: Not really. It’s sort of like Machiavelli’s Prince …

Q: That has to be the first time any model has ever referenced Machiavelli’s Prince.
A: (Laughter.)