Super Bowl Locations For 2024, 2025, & Beyond

Super Bowl
Super Bowl / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Hosting a Super Bowl is a great honor among NFL cities. It brings a massive rush of people who will spend all their money and give the economy a bit of a boost, sure, but it's also just pretty awesome. The Super Bowl is the American sporting event and every place that hosts it gets its own little place in history. These cities know it, too, and go through a pretty extensive bidding process to be considered for hosting duties years in advance.

Last year's Super Bowl was in Glendale, Arizona as State Farm Stadium hosted the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. Where will future Super Bowls be held?

Super Bowl Location 2024

Next season's Super Bowl will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada for the first time ever. It should be quite the affair. The 2024 Super Bowl, also known as Super Bowl LVIII will be on February 11, 2024.

Super Bowl Location 2025

Super Bowl LIX will take place at the Caesar's Superdome in New Orleans, Lousiana. The Superdome has hosted several Super Bowls; in recent memory it's most famous for the venue where a blackout occurred during the Baltimore Ravens-San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Location 2026

Super Bowl LX, which seems impossibly far away at this juncture but is only three years out, will happen at Levi's Stadium in the Bay Area. It's an interesting venue to choose because there are some issues with heat if you're on the side of the stadium facing the sun in the afternoon, and it is nowhere near San Francisco. The league will have a bit of a task ahead of it in maximizing potential revenue for itself and the surrounding area.

Super Bowl Location 2027

The NFL officially awards Super Bowls three years in advance. So there is no word yet on where the 2027 Super Bowl will take place. However, reports emerged in the spring of 2023 that Miami was bullish on its ability to land the big event for Hard Rock Stadium after pulling off a successful show in 2020.