Super Bowl LIII Odds Are Out, and Are Questionable

Bobby Burack

Yes, Super Bowl LII just ended in dramatic fashion, but it is never too early to look ahead to Super Bowl LIII.

Immediately following the Eagles win, Westgate Las Vegas released their odds for  Super Bowl LIII via CBS Sports:

Patriots +450
Eagles +600
Steelers +800
Vikings +1200
Packers +1200
Saints +1600
Falcons +1800
Cowboys +2000
Seahawks +2000
Jaguars +2000
Texans +2000
Raiders +2000
Rams +2500
Chargers +2500
Chiefs +2500
49ers +3000
Panthers +3000
Ravens +4000
Titans +4000
Colts +4000
Broncos +5000
Lions +6000
Buccaneers +6000
Cardinals +8000
Giants +8000
Redskins +8000
Dolphins +8000
Bengals +8000
Bears +10000
Jets +10000
Browns +10000

The New England Patriots are the favorite at +450, while the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles are second at +600.

Of course, the proven consistency over the years could factor in for the Patriots, as well as playing in the weaker conference, but the Eagles should be the ones favored.

The Eagles are on track to be even better next year as their franchise QB will return. Before his devastating ACL injury, Carson Wentz was leading the MVP race in just his second season.

The Patriots will be coming into the year with Tom Brady at 41-years-old and with uncertainty surrounding the happiness of Bill Belichick. This could finally be the year they take a step back.

Perhaps the most questionable number is the Steelers at third at +800. When we last saw them, the Steelers were being blown off their home field against the Jaguars (+2000) in a game they looked like their window had essentially closed.

The 49ers at +3000 appears to be the best value bet assuming Jimmy Garoppolo is back after he led the team to five straight victories at the end of the season. The 49ers also will have another year of experience with a very young, talented defense.