See If You Can Follow This Insane Super Bowl Breakdown

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Super Bowl LV wasn't all that interesting and the postgame observations rather limited. Yes, Tom Brady is the best to ever do it. Yes, the Kansas City Chiefs' decimated offensive line made winning the game virtually impossible. Yes, Shaq Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul put together an astounding postseason within the confines of Todd Bowles' brilliant scheme. No, Patrick Mahomes doesn't have much chance to ever match or exceed seven Super Bowls.

So through a warped lens you have to tip your cap to Johnny Enlow for coming up with a talking point everyone else in sports media either didn't grasp or is too scared to say publicly. Enlow, a fringe prophetic leader who has long displayed a tenuous-at-best relationship with reality, put together three consecutive minutes on what Devin White's late-game interception could mean for former President Donald Trump.

Confused already? You're not alone. Perhaps it's best to let him explain with the caveat that his views are not endorsed by The Big Lead or really anyone except the person who sits next to you on the bus and forces you to immediately move.

That's certainly a different takeaway. They say to zig when everyone else zags but this all seems a little extreme. If there's a non-controversial reaction, it's that he has a very supportive co-host who is capable of a nodding, affirmative performance that puts even peak Ed McMahon to shame.

The highlight for me is the point is the 2:14 mark when Enlow asks aloud if he needs to explain what the number 77.5 might mean for those lost enough to put any credence in his words. Like, yeah man, you're going to have to go a bit deeper on that one.

Obviously, none of this should be taken seriously and is surely a net-negative for society. On the other hand, coming up with specious arguments based on numerology that wilt under even the slightest consideration seems like a hell of a way to make a living. One can see the allure there.