Sunday Was a Great Day For Dunks in the NBA

Lonnie Walker IV throws it down
Lonnie Walker IV throws it down / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

There were 10 NBA games that took place on Sunday. Some of them were pretty good, like the Hawks squeaking out a two-point win over the Hornets or the Pistons pushing the Clippers further than any tanking team has a right to push a top-three seed in the West. Some were pretty bad, like the Bucks beating the Magic by 27 or the Celtics beating the Nuggets on the strength of a 31-3 scoring run to end the game.

There were also dunks. Yes, there are usually a lot of dunks in any given NBA game, much less on a day where double-digit games take place. But Sunday gifted us a handful of true jams, the sort that inspired reactions ranging anywhere from a quiet "woah" of awe to an outright "Oh my god" of shock.

If you are a sports fan and were on Twitter at any point yesterday afternoon, you have seen this Miles Bridges dunk, very much residing in the extreme end of the reaction spectrum because it is one of the greatest poster dunks of all time. No exaggeration. Observe and enjoy, again:

It should absolutely be noted that Bridges pulled this off with his non-dominant hand. Absurd. Let's enjoy from every other angle possible because it is, in fact that good:

"Earth-shattering" is a term we probably throw around too much, but I've never seen a dunk more worthy of the designation.

The Bridges dunk was the best from yesterday, but I am here to tell you about all the other dunks, too. Like this Paul George jam all over poor rookie Isaiah Stewart, who didn't know any better.

This doubled as an important basket too, with Los Angeles only up by two on the tanking Pistons with five minutes to go. George took the air out of Detroit's sails with this thunder dunk and it was curtains afterwards.

But wait! There's more! Here's Lonnie Walker IV elevating through the roof for the rude slam on Nicolo Melli.

These are probably three of the best dunks of the season and they all came on the same day. You must be in shock at this point. No way there's more. Except there is! Courtesy of Jaylen Brown detonating on Denver.

And then there's Zach LaVine reminding us of his place on the Dunk Contest All-Time Great pantheon.

Just a lot of sick dunks yesterday, for lack of a more sophisticated description. Sometimes the beauty is in the action rather than the adjectives. That was true yesterday.

Happy Dunk Day, everyone!