Sunday Means Everything to Josh Allen and Buffalo

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Every NFL franchise quarterback has it: that one game that ends up defining his career, one that sets the pace for the rest of his tenure.

In a lot of cases, it's not even his first game...Titans fans have yet to see anything resembling Marcus Mariota's four-touchdown debut...but it's THE game.

Fans who were thousands of miles away will claim to have been there. It'll play on NFL Network for years to come. For those involved, it's anything but a mere game.

Josh Allen's potential opportunity comes on Sunday afternoon. It just so happens to coincide with arguably the biggest Bills game since Kevin Dyson broke into the open field to cap off the Music City Miracle.

Buffalo has been through numerous false prophets in their professional sports exploits. The football team in Orchard Park has been particularly cursed, as they've made a single playoff appearance in the new century. Their futility has been best on display in their divisional rivalry with the New England Patriots.

Since the fateful 2001 season, one that began the Foxboro monopoly on the AFC East and, almost the NFL as a whole, the Bills are 4-32 against the Patriots. The quartet of wins have been joyous occasions in Buffalo, the site of Sunday's next meeting. In the grand scheme of things, however, the victories were false flags, a brief tease of what could be.

Allen has the power to change that.

Buffalo is 3-0 entering Sunday's meeting, matching the Patriots' mark. As the team's touted franchise thrower, Allen has played his part with an electrifying dual-talent ability that gives him the opportunity to beat opponents via the air or ground.

However, a quick look at the statsheet shows there are places to improve. There's no use in harping on the quality of opponents the Bills have beaten (the Jets, Giants, and Bengals have a combined single win), as good teams find a way to win games they're supposed to. But if Allen and Buffalo are going to keep this good streak going, turnover problems must be solved.

Sure, one form of Buffalo turnover has ended, potentially: that of turning over from one QB to the next. But with six losses of the ball through three games, that type of production is not going to beat the Patriots.

Today is a big day for Buffalo. For better or worse, Allen is going to be their MVP.