Is The Hundred Too Good of An Idea or Just the Future of Media?


Three Roy children of varying failsons degree cooked up the idea for The Hundred at some point after they went for their father's throat with love. Many are saying Dubai was a turning point. What is The Hundred, you ask, as you wait two minutes and then five more minutes for this trio to get itself to get together before the big pitch meeting? The answer is simple.

An indispensable, bespoke media hub with info parcels featuring the leading voices in in every field from Israel-Palestine to A.I. to Michelin restaurants. It sounds amazing and something that absolutely should exist, if only for the blowback and inevitable trainwreck. Imagine if Substack met Master Class met the Economist met The New Yorker.

Not since the Vaulter episode has Succession been up its own ass so expertly about the dealings of whatever b.s. media ecosystem we're forced to all exist in. And even though it appears The Hundred may be on the back-burner for now, it got the gears grinding over here. As people who have smoked the horse, we needed something fully immersive to begin Monday and highlight the return of the critically ignored Big Stream podcast.

So why not try to envisioned the group of 100 people who would both be courted and might agree to work for such a sleek, audacious startup? Or at the very least, people worth having the conversation because this project would be perfect for them. Vanity Fair did a comprehensive list but we think we can do better.

What's that? The Pierce deal is wobbly? Can you give us another five? Here's something to listen to in the meantime.