Let Us Stream 'The Drew Carey Show' You Cowards

The Drew Carey Show
The Drew Carey Show / Getty Images/Getty Images

Someone please figure out how to get The Drew Carey Show on Hulu or Netflix or Amazon Prime or Shudder or Disney+ or MLB TV or ESPN+ or UFC Fight Pass or Crackle or Pluto TV or HBO Max or HBO Go or HBO Now. It doesn't matter. It's just a travesty that every millennial spends hours every day at Central Perk while none of them have ever spent a day at Winfred-Lauder waiting for the five o'clock whistle.

The Drew Carey Show ran from 1995 to 2004 and then in syndication for more than a decade, but it is currently without a home and cannot be streamed anywhere. This is a travesty on par with Mimi Bobeck's makeup. [laugh track] You can only buy the show's first season on DVD, not that anyone would buy physical media in this economy, but it would still be nice to have the option.

I understand that the main problem is the show's reliance on music. MTV went through the same thing with Daria, but they eventually replaced all the actual songs with soundalikes and now it's on Hulu. Maybe Wayne Brady could cover every single song used in the original Drew Carey Show run. It would take him a couple days. He could probably do it from his home. Or he could improv them with Ryan Stiles. I would watch the remaking of the Drew Carey Show Soundtrack 20 years later with a Whose Line reunion. There, now you've got three shows to add to your arsenal for the streaming wars.

This is a show that should be watched and rewatched. It was constantly trying things and breaking format. The cast is incredible. The titular character ended up hosting The Price is Right. Another actor hosted a late night show. Everyone on the show was great and they were great when people sat down and watched television every night.

So someone please figure this out. Now is the time. We need Drew and Oswald and Lewis and Kate back in our lives. Hell, how about a reboot? That's four shows. And a caffeinated beer. I just don't see the downside. Let's stream Drew Carey.