Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer Has Finally Dropped


“Stranger Things” has been away for a long time, but we’re getting closer to the show’s return for a third season. On Wednesday, the trailer for the new season dropped.

Check it out:

Man these kids look grown up. The show has been away since October 27, 2017, which feels like way too long.

The main cast all returns for the third season, while Maya Hawke will play a new character who works with Steve Harrington at the local mall.

The third season will last eight episodes and will be released on July 4.

Obviously, the actors on the show have all seen their popularity rise and that has led to other projects. That’s a part of the reason the show has been on hiatus for so long. But now it’s back and I’m all-in on a summer of 80s references and spookiness.