Steve Smith Threatened To Beat Up Michael Irvin And Was Dead Serious


Michael Irvin was giving Steve Smith Sr. a bit of grief about his outfit on NFL Network Thursday night when things took a sharp turn. Smith snapped and threatened to “whoop” Irvin’s ass when the two see each other next. And while everyone else on set seemed to take the comment as a joke, Smith was clearly dead serious.

Check this out:

" Yooo Steve Smith might be serious ??? — The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) October 27, 2017 "

Yeah, Smith was definitely not joking. He is currently planning out how he’s going to get his hands on Irvin and exactly what he’s going to do once he does.

If I was Irvin I’d watch my back. Smith might be 5’9″ but dude has always been tough as nails. He’s the kind of guy you avoid fighting at all costs.