Steve Smith Sr. Warned the Browns Elf Mascot to Stop Stepping on His Jordans


The Cleveland Browns hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday Night Football in Week 3. The NFL Network team was on site for the second game ever broadcast on Amazon Prime. That meant Steve Smith Sr. was in attendance and as usual he brought his unique edge to the broadcast.

Smith was on the sideline pregame with Mike Garafolo. First Smith had a funny and weird interaction with Maurice Jones-Drew over what sounded like the records of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers? It's unimportant because as Garafolo tried to cut the tension he touched Smith's jacket which also earned him a very intense look.

Then the Steelers nearly bumped into Smith while they were warming up This all took place in less than 90 seconds.

"I'll tell you what If one of these boys hit me while I ain't in a uniform, they will not be playing tonight. I'll tell you that."

There are not many people in the media who could say that with a straight face. The number who could say it and mean it is an even shorter. Smith is the only one where you tell an entire group of players to switch sides of the field for their own safety.

Of course, all those Smith moments are nothing compared to this video of him warning the Browns mascot to stop stepping on his Jordans

Steve Smith Sr. says what he means. The Browns nearly lost Brownie as fast as they brought him back.