Steve Smith Accuses Rookie Cornerback of Pooping Pants

Stephen Douglas

Steve Smith Sr. is retiring at the end of the season so expect him to really embrace the grind this season. Where he used to talk non-stop trash, he will now be talking more non-stopper trash? Take this exchange with Ravens’ rookie defensive back Eric Rowe from a recent Eagles – Ravens joint practice. Smith almost had a touchdown, but Rowe broke it up. Via

"“He told me to get my feet right. And then when I broke up the pass, he was like, ‘I saw in your eyes, it looked like you [soiled] yourself,’ ” Rowe said. “And I was like, ‘No, man, I don’t panic out here.’ I expected that coming from him, but I just laughed.”"

The word he actually used was “shit” according to Jeff McLane. And it appears his shorts remained clean. By most accounts, Rowe got the better of the veteran throughout the day. That isn’t going to change Steve Smith’s attitude though. Via

"On one of the final plays of Wednesday’s practice, Smith got past Rowe on a fade pattern for a big gain along the sidelines. Smith let Rowe know about it by spinning the ball in front of the Utah product and the two seemed to be jawing all the way back to their respective huddles. “Oh, he talks a lot of trash,” Rowe said. “I just kind of ignore it and laugh.”"

Maybe that’s why Smith called the joint practice a waste of time. Via the Baltimore Sun:

"“I’d rather be at home,” Smith said. “Today’s my wife’s birthday, so I’m not at home. I’m over here doing this bull [crap] and missing my wife’s birthday. That’s my honest opinion. I’d rather be at home singing happy birthday to my wife, but I’m out here getting questioned to assess a rookie corner.”"

If it makes him feel any better, Rowe seemed to appreciate his time.