Steve Sarkisian Does Not Like Being Touched

Valero Alamo Bowl - Washington v Texas
Valero Alamo Bowl - Washington v Texas / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Steve Sarkisian's second season at Texas ended in disappointment on Thursday, as the Longhorns lost to Washington 28-27 in the Alamo Bowl. It must have been a huge letdown for Sark, who was fired up before the game. So much so that he freaked out on a guy who touched him before Texas ran out of the tunnel.

Before the Longhorns took the field, they were being held back from running out of the tunnel, presumably so the field was cleared for them. The man responsible for holding them back, put his right hand on Sarkisian's chest to hold him back, and Sark went absolutely ballistic.

Check this out:

For those who can't read lips, Sark said, "Don't f**king touch me like that motherf**ker. Get your f**king hands off me!"

That is some hardcore fake tough guy energy from Sarkisian. Dude, calm down. If you don't want to be touched, move the guy's hand away or say, "Hey man, don't touch me." Getting in the face of a low-level employee trying to do his job is an insanely bad look.

Almost as bad a look as losing to Washington and going 13-12 in your first two seasons at Texas.