Steve Perry Can't Stop Rocking Out During the 2014 Baseball Playoffs

By Mike Cardillo

Steve Perry is a San Franciso Giants fan, apparently. So what? So let’s dance. Wait … wrong Journey song.

Anyways, the man who in many ways defined the 1980s power ballad has appeared numerous times at San Francisco’s AT&T Park during the postseason rooting on his beloved Giants. Wednesday he popped up to sing, well, lip sync his former band’s hit song “Lights” late in Game 4 against the Cardinals. A day earlier he showed, again to lip sync, during “Don’t Stop Believin'” — a modern day sports rallying cry as it were. It’s definitely funny that the entire ballpark is singing along karaoke style, while the guy who actually sang the song in the first place is making crazy faces like a third-rate Journey cover bang singer. (Ah, who cares, Perry’s infectious energy during these videos is life-affirming.)

Again, so what? Well, in June, the Royals adopted “Don’t Stop Believin”” as a sixth-inning pump-up song via a fan vote. After the team did that, they reeled off six straight wins. So if the Giants make the World Series we’re about to see a lot of Steve Perry running around like a madman on the Fox airwaves or a bunch of 2,000 word think pieces on whether or not two baseball teams can use the same ’80s ballad as a mid-inning song.

Perry also, it must be said, appeared during the 2005 Chicago White Sox World Series parade after the team adopted the song as a rallying cry, too.

A different way to look at it is that in 2014, baseball gets Steve Perry while football gets Katy Perry.

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