Steve Nash's Crazy Ejection Has Become a Meme

Steve Nash
Steve Nash /

On Wednesday night, Steve Nash was ejected for the first time in his head coaching career. And it was well-deserved. After Giannis Antetokounmpo bulldozed Patty Mills with an elbow to the face and no foul was called, Nash ripped into the referees from the sideline for all of the Nets' following possession before he finally got a technical. After that, Nash lost his mind. He had to be held back by his players and assistant coaches as he screamed until he was ejected.

One particular frame of his meltdown has become a meme: Nash's crazy eyes, when he appeared to flip the switch and decided that an ejection was necessary for his impact to be felt.

Here are some of those memes.

It was quite shocking to see the even-keeled coach go apocalyptic like that and it didn't really inspire his team as the Nets ultimately lost to the Bucks by 11. But it's still very early in the year. Nash is playing the long game. His players loved it and that's really what matters.