Steve Nash Feature Drops At The Worst Time

Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

Steve Nash's rocky tenure with the Brooklyn Nets came to an end today as the coach players didn't think of as a coach was fired by the organization. Soon after came news that the Nets would try to become one of the more problematic teams in recent history by bringing in Ime Udoka, who had been serving a year-long suspension handed out by the Boston Celtics. Considering how much of a headache things looked like from the outside, and how Kyrie Irving shows no signs of coming back to the middle, it will perhaps be a blessing in disguise for Nash.

Nash's exit also provided a stark example of how timing can be everything in the content game. Because we feel for the Wall Street Journal's Lane Florsheim, who dropped a profile on Nash just hours before his ouster. Meaning these factoids will never get their proper due.

What time do you get up on Mondays, and what’s the first thing you do after waking up?

For us, there isn’t really a Monday. We don’t have days off, and if we do, it’s random. I’m more of an early riser, and I get to bed early. I have big full days, and I have five children. After the little ones are down, I’m usually in bed before the older ones.

In your player days, you were known for the Nash Diet—what do you eat for breakfast to start the week off right? 

My go-to’s are either eggs and vegetables or plain yogurt and granola. My overall diet just tries to stay within the simple parameters of all-natural foods, trying to cut out all the processed foods. I also try to limit the amount of sugar I eat. 

Nash also reveals that he drinks three cups of coffee per day, and focuses on keeping his glutes and core strong. Now he will have even more time to focus on that.

Just a tough beat. Something every writer dreads. A piece is put to bed and ready for its time in the sun, then the weather changes everything.