Steve Kerr Says Three of Stephen Curry's Six Fouls Were "Absolutely Ridiculous"

Ryan Glasspiegel

Steve Kerr pulled no punches in his postgame presser. Right at the outset, he said that three of the six calls against Stephen Curry – which culminated in his having a meltdown and throwing his mouthpiece – `were “absolutely ridiculous.”

“He steals the ball from Kyrie clean,” Kerr said. “LeBron flops on the last one. Jason Phillips falls for the flop. This is the MVP of the league we’re talking about. These touch fouls in the NBA Finals.”

Kerr has been around long enough to have weighed the cost/benefit analysis of these comments; there will surely be a fine from the Association, but he’s rallying behind his troops and who knows how much that loyalty is intangibly worth.

Kerr said that the refs were not the reason the Warriors lost this evening, but reiterated that three of the calls on Curry were “completely inappropriate.”

Kerr laughed off any chance that Curry would be suspended for Game 7:

Is it Sunday yet?