Steve Kerr Doesn't Mind Charles Barkley's Anti-Warriors Stance Because He Bought Him Beer for 8 Years


Charles Barkley said some stuff about the Warriors. I have no idea what it was. I just assume it was something about how the Warriors suck because they’re not a team from the 80’s, back when guys played defense and cared and had to work for everything and didn’t shoot three-pointers. Again, I’m just guessing. The Warriors have heard it all. One person who is not affected by Barkley’s words is Steve Kerr, his former co-worker at TNT. Via CSN Bay Area:

"“I love Charles. I worked with him for eight years,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said, referring to his years as a TV analyst. “He’s incredible at what he does. He’s hilarious. He picks up every bar tab when you’re on the road; 28 people from TNT at the bar, and he picks up the tab. He bought me so many beers over the years that whatever Charles wants to say about our team I have no problem with.”"

However you feel about Charles Barkley the analyst, you have respect the guy who constantly picks up the bar tab. Those guys are few and far between and deserve to be celebrated at every opportunity.

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