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Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich Dined Together, Wonder If They Talked Kawhi Leonard Strategy


Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich appeared to share a dinner table and a bottle of wine on Friday night right around the time the Raptors were advancing past the Bucks and into the NBA Finals. The photo was tweeted by a woman from the Bay Area, and given that Google Images doesn’t have any version of this photo from before the weekend my sense is that it’s not an old photo being redistributed as a hoax designed to rile the bloggers.

Kerr and Popovich have a relationship that dates back over 20 years; Kerr played for Pop on the Spurs for several seasons and Kerr’s son Nick even joined Pop’s coaching staff last season.

In any event, let’s put on our reckless speculation hats and wonder if Kawhi Leonard was a topic of conversation. He’ll be facing the Warriors last week and even though Popovich has outwardly said all the right things this season about his former star, it’s hard to believe in his heart of hearts he’d be happy if Kawhi won a title the first season after he forced his way out of San Antonio.

One thing is for certain: It would be remarkable to be a fly on the wall and get to hear these two’s unfiltered dinner conversation.